Practical Classics Magazine – March 2013

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This truly unique book tracks the history of Porsche from a time when even the Peoples Car was just a dream

Another excellent issue of the best specialist classic car magazine aimed at the ‘Garagists’ among us (you`ve just got to love Enzo Ferrari`s unintentional compliment to the great British tradition of the men-in-sheds approach to engineering).

This month`s issue details overhauling your classic`s heater mechanism (timely) and replacing cambelts, as well as the correct maintenance of your battery and even your entire MGB if you`re lucky enough to own one, or are contemplating a purchase in the near future.

In-depth articles cover the early seventies British Leyland 2200 ‘Landcrab’ (my dad had one of those; thirsty beast when towing a 22ft caravan to the lake district for the annual family holiday – the car, not dad, er…), a 1903 Cadillac Model A and a road test comparison of the iconic Mini and it`s Rootes Group competitor, the Hillman Imp.

Mini gets special attention in March's PC Magazine
Mini gets special attention in March’s PC Magazine

Buyers guides this month give all the gen on the ubiquitous Volkswagon Beetle (the original one of course, not the modern Golf based blobby effort…), the 1950`s Standard Vanguard and a comparison of four-seat convertibles that can be your summer fun this year for only a couple of grand or so for a really good one.

The magazine staff discuss their latest endeavours keeping their fleet of classics on the road and recent upgrades, and Sam Glover`s tale – or rather, saga – of his trip to Poland to collect his newest internet purchase to add to his ever increasing collection of obscure Eastern Bloc motors, the somewhat aesthetically and mechanically challenged, Tarpan 233S, is a great read.

Reader`s restorations articles this month are a Triumph Herald – beautifully done for a budget of under a thousand pounds – and an Austin Sheerline, which only go to highlight perseverance in order of magnitude of anything I could muster!

All the regular items are their usual informative fun with Your Cars, Rust in Peace, Ask The Expert, Product Tests, Engine Autopsy (BMW Isetta 300) news and events among many and, of course, that always frustrating monthly crossword!

Finally, a couple of interesting cars crop up in the Dream Section – sorry, classifieds – with a concourse example of the rare and desirable Bitter SC, one of only 30 or so in the UK, and a project for the extremely brave (or moderately insane…), a 1973 Mazda RX4 coupe, a very rare car indeed.

Scrutineering by Chris Dymock

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