Classic Car Club London – Evening Extravaganza

Classic Car Club (London) laid on a terrific event

Anyone lucky enough to RSVP before 14th March was treated to a truly unique evening at Classic Car Club (London)’s new N1 underground emporium of cars. The low ceiling white painted garage with individual bays created quite an atmosphere with period music played in the background out of a Jeep no less. This was drinking and not driving at its best.

There was creative floor lighting and a few cars with their headlights permanently on, courtesy of discreet 240v boosters, to be enjoyed with a drop or two of bubbly or local brew as you sauntered by. Grab a glass of your favourite tipple, enjoy a snack from the makeshift bar and walk slowly past the fifty plus classics on display whilst soaking in the atmosphere and exchanging humorous car experiences with a mix of established and potential club members. Close your eyes in colour and open them again in black and white and you faced what appeared to be a film set from a 60’s or early 70’s classic; The Italian Job maybe, or even a favourite Bond.

Two's company
Classic cars like the Karman Ghia came in two’s…

Each car appeared to sit in its own lair, looking like it had just enjoyed a rather large meal, with nose poking contently out of the entrance tempting anyone who passed to come a bit closer and not just stare. Some of course dared, even climbing aboard the sleepy beasts, recording the occasion cheekily on their iPhones. This was art you could not only get close to, but wear and better still upload on your smart phone to Facebook and Twitter. I know, because we did.

Some cars and campers even came in pairs
…and VW camper vans even found in three’s…

The Classic Car Club (London) had so many cars on display it could even place them in like groups with pairings including TVR Chimaera, MG B, Karman Ghia, Jaguar E-Type and later XK coupes, VW Camper and Aston Martin V8’s alongside more unusual marques such as Citroën DS, Jensen CV8, Jaguar XK150 and Lotus Elan. The selection of cars also included newer large capacity models such as BMW M3 and Vauxhall Monaro V8 which although potentially future icons were ever so slightly outclassed by the more established brands.

New arrivals were greeted by bubbly and a Frog Eye Sprite
New arrivals were greeted by bubbly and a Frog Eye Sprite

I spoke to three quite different members who had all driven upwards of thirteen different classics cars in the last 12-18 months and remarked on the number of additional events the Classic Car Club (London) laid on throughout the year. It sounds like quite a few ended with the familiar party atmosphere as well, but only after all of the car keys had been safely locked away.

Just walk around and soak in the atmosphere
Just walk around and soak in the atmosphere

If you’re based in or near the UK’s capital, have a desire to drive a fantastic range of cars, including left of field choices like the CV8 or DS, then look up the Classic Car Club (London).

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  1. What a fantastic night! Thanks to everybody who came down to raise a glass to our fantastic new home. We will be having an open evening soon so if you couldn’t make it down but would like to come and have a mosey around give us your email address and we will make sure your name is on the list! Thanks again everybody – keep on motoring! Nigel.

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