Williams Automobiles Open Day – 30th March 2013

Williams Automobiles
Stylish M3W has proved to be a big seller

If you are a fan of Morgan or Lotus cars and find yourself in the Bristol area on Saturday 30th March then bring family and friends over to Horton (Nr Chipping Sodbury) for the Williams Automobiles Open Day.

There is the promise of an all-day BBQ and a warm welcome is certainly guaranteed. In stock at present for viewing on the day is the full range of Morgan cars, both new and pre-owned, including a vast selection of the incredibly popular Morgan 3 Wheeler (M3W) in most of its current guises? The Morgan marketing department have gone completely to town on this car, with bold designs both original and contemporary. What is also nice about it is that so have the engineering department with a tubular chassis, Mazda 5-speed gearbox and wishbone front suspension/ trailing arm rear.

If you already own a Morgan then you might also be interested in exploring some of the tuning options being developed by Williams Morgan Racing. Their 4/4 Sport Aero Challenge Car will be competing this year and much of what has been developed for the race car will be available to fit onto road cars as well. So whether you fancy a louder bark from competition inspired throttle bodies or just slightly lower and stiffer springs then come along and find out more by talking directly with the team at Williams Morgan Racing.

Everything fitted to the Williams Morgan Racing Challenge Car will be available to fit onto customer cars
Everything fitted to the Williams Morgan Racing Challenge Car will be available to fit onto customer cars

At Williams Automobiles it’s not just about Morgan, Lotus is also very much represented and in particular the Elise. With car sales, service and tuning options also available this might be a good time to come along and find out what is on offer relating to Lotus cars as well.

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RSVP by calling directly on 01454 315 112 or by submitting your contact details below (all submissions will be forwarded directly onto Williams Automobiles).

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