Classic Cars Magazine – March 2013

Coupe body is simply gorgeous (Pictures: Julia Nichols)

An excellent issue this month; with a very well detailed and subjective article asking the question, E-Type Jaguar – original, restored or modified? I`m sure we all have our own opinions on this one, why not let know what you think?

An unusual road test comparison this month features a pair of early seventies concept cars created by Giorgetto Guigiaro for Audi and BMW and, if you`ve ever wondered what use manufacturers concept cars are when they appear to great fanfare just before quickly disappearing forever into obscurity, then just take a good, long look at the cars featured and try to work out how many styling cues appear in later mainstream models – it`s a lot!

We also have a major comparison road test of 1950`s quality cars aimed at discerning bank managers of the era with the Rover 105S, Humber Super Snipe MKIV and Wolsely 6/90 all driven.

If rarities of the 1930`s is your thing, and it`s certainly one of mine, then we`re well catered for this month with a road test of the breathtakingly gorgeous, 1933 Alfa Gran Sport 1750 6C. This Art Deco stunner must surely be on a level with the Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic for sheer presence and it`s most fascinating history and recent restoration is well detailed in the article. Current value unknown, but if you have to ask…

Probably slightly more affordable are the Ferrari GTB/4 ‘Daytona’ and TVR Grantura covered in separate articles, with the early seventies Daytona being the last front-engine V12 Ferrari produced until the 1990`s – and a style icon that influenced the look of the Rover SD1 series – and the very pretty Grantura offering great performance for its size by virtue of being lighter than an MG Midget but having more than twice the horsepower.

A drive in a ’65 Mustang 289 convertible convertible tries to answer the perennial question of why would you want to drive a ‘yank tank’ in the UK? `Cos they`re great fun and surprisingly more capable that they get credit for, as it turns out, and if you own an American car, have driven one at some time or are contemplating a purchase, why not let know what your opinion on the subject or see our report on the ’65 Mustang 289 convertible.

Also appearing this month is a look at Peugeot`s 1960`s 404 model which resembles the British BMC Oxford 1.5 ‘Farina’ (same design house) but was a rare sight in this country due to costing the equivalent of a Rover P6 2000 because of import taxes.

The in depth buyers guide looks at the wonderful 1970`s Lancia Montecarlo, a mid-engined sports car which never really quite made it and is now an increasingly rare but desirable classic if you can find one.

Add in all the regular items, columns, news, readers’ cars etc and enough dream material in the classifieds to worry the International Monetary Fund if you decided to get serious about owning a classic car collection, and Classic Cars Magazine is a great read this month.

Scrutineering by Chris Dymock

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