Williams Morgan Open Day – 30th March

Williams Automobiles
The scene at one of Williams Automobiles open days

Williams Morgan opened their doors on Saturday 30th March after inviting Morgan and Lotus customers to come in from the cold, have a bite to eat and learn how to do a bit of detailing.

The original offer of a BBQ was thankfully superseded on a freezing cold Easter Saturday by largely emptying the cosy showroom of stock, save for a brand new Plus 8 and Aero Coupe, to make room for a warming hot pot and cup of tea or coffee. Also inside whilst enjoying some lunch was a class on detailing which left a racing green Plus 4 with an extremely impressive deep shine. Always nice to watch someone work hard, especially when munching your way through a bowl of food.

Everyone welcome at a Morgan family gathering, even those with just 3 wheels
Everyone welcome at a Williams Morgan family gathering, including those with only 3 wheels

Outside was an excellent selection of customer cars, predominantly Morgan’s with a single Elise in amongst them. When viewing twenty or so cars parked in a tight circle it was amazing to observe that despite obvious similarities how different they were. Different colours, finishes and trim, the variations made every car present virtually unique. Close by inside a storage facility was the now completed Morgan Plus 4 challenge car we featured alongside a blue ‘Baby Doll’ racer and an interesting array of other competition prepared and road going Morgan cars. One of which still bore the name of its celebrity Chef driver Heston Blumenthal from last year’s Silverstone Classic, an event Chris and I will be attending this year on Saturday 27th July. The mix of road and track cars sat together reminds us how this marque serves both purposes; classy car for the road or stripped out racer for the track. Underneath both is the same chassis, you simply chose which way to go when you place your order and select the various options.

Heston Blumenthal's 2012 Silverstone Classic ride
Heston Blumenthal’s 2012 Silverstone Classic ride

Which is where Williams Morgan can you assist in helping navigate through the many options available and ensuring best use is made both of what the factory offers, and what specialist dealers can fit retrospectively. Now that really is a good way to add value and ensure potential customers are kept on the straight and narrow. The fact Williams Morgan and Williams Morgan Racing are based at the same Horton, Nr Chipping Sodbury location with expertise on hand from both camps means you could dip your toe into the two waters within one single conversation. Particularly handy when spec’ing a car for the first, second or even third time.

Baby Doll car in front, with new 4/4 and other race car's behind
‘Baby Doll’ race car in front of the new 4/4 challenge car along with other competition and road cars

The more time you spend at Williams Morgan the more you also realise how much of a family run business it is offering a warm welcome to all who visit the site. The experience could not be any more different from main stream car sales. Visit as often as you like, discuss your thoughts as openly as you feel comfortable and then only when the time is right will any discussion on actually investing your hard earned in a Morgan car take place. Old fashioned cars, sold the old fashioned way, just perfect.

Finishing touch to the Williams Morgan Racing 4/4 Racecar
Finishing touch added to the Williams Morgan Racing 4/4 Challenge Car

How does this event make you feel?

In one word: Homely

As a favourite meal: Lamb Hot Pot

Anything Else: This is a genuine family run business and all visitors are made to feel very welcome indeed. It’s less like spending time in a car showroom and more like being in someone’s lounge.

Key Ingredients: Warm and friendly atmosphere, chance to discuss all things Morgan with like minded individuals regardless of whether your preference is road or track.


Call Williams Morgan on 01454 315112 or visit Williams Morgan


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