VW Campers for Hire in London

London Classic Car Club member Kirk Harrison, who already has a Rover P6, Renault Avantime and Triumph Bonneville committed to the club has now gone one step further by offering three VW Campers for hire; Olive, Molly and Bertie.

The Camper Vans are available to hire from London Classic Car Club’s new N1 base after the idea was first discussed with proprietor Nigel Case over a beer one night. Kirk recalls that Nigel was looking after his brother in laws 1973 Bay Window van (Olive) and it simply grew from there.  A plan was quickly hatched to offer a fleet of vans that would satisfy all requirements from the traditionalist to somebody who would like something a bit more modern but with the appeal of an original Camper.

“I have owned a couple of VW Campers over the years and have a bit of a thing going with them. The trouble with Campers is that they are expensive to buy and maintain, especially when you only use them a few times a year at best. So in recent years I have always rented them”.

VW Campers for Hire
‘Olive’ is an original 1973 Bay aimed at traditionalists

Kirk and Nigel then went out and bought two more vans, a Brazilian made air cooled Bay with Danbury conversion (Molly) and a more recent 2007 water cooled Danbury van, also made in Brazil (Bertie). All three vehicles are in excellent condition and come with electric hook up and leisure batteries, which along with the back-up of the London Classic Car Club as well as the AA should provide people with the comfort they need before setting off on their new adventure.

VW Campers for Hire
‘Bertie’ is a later water cooled Brazilian van for those wanting something more modern

As VW Campers have universal appeal interest is expected from festival goers, families, couples of all ages, and groups of friends, in fact anyone who would benefit from collecting the vehicles from a Central London location. The vans can be rented for weekends (Fri-Mon), midweek (Mon- Fri) or by the week (Fri-Fri) and have full AA back up just in case.  Also on offer are a range of extras like awnings, tents, bike racks, sleeping bags, even surf boards to ensure customers get the full experience.

VW Campers for Hire
‘Molly’ is an air cooled Danbury conversion and occupies the middle ground

As the vans are not included within the London Classic Car Club’s fleet, they can be rented by members and non-members alike and if anyone books before the end of April 2013 they will also benefit from a 10% discount.

For more information or to book a Camper Van visit http://www.classic-campervans.co.uk and start your new adventure someday soon.

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    please send me details to hire olive from approximately 1-5th Oct
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