Hello and welcome to Classic Cars Driven, where we are all about the experience of classic cars and future classics.

We’ve always believed that classic cars have personalities that win you over in a heartbeat, often bringing back childhood memories or possibly being out of reach when brand new. The difference now maybe is that one can be purchased as an investment or hired as a treat for that special occasion. By attending events, reading books and magazines and most importantly driving classic cars our aim is to get you as close to the experience as we can.

Through our growing network of classic car hire companies, motor clubs, retailers and generous owners we aim to review an increasingly wide selection of cars and share them with you. We will also try to get along to as many classic car events as we can and share what they were like. Wherever possible we will include a video review to put you in the car or at the event with us for the full experience. To give you a feel of what that means here are video reviews of Lorimer Burn’s Daimler SP250 ‘Dart’ and our day at Chris Evans inaugural CarFest (South) event:

If what we do or say strikes a chord or conversely you find yourself strongly disagreeing please feel free to add your own point of view directly into the site at the bottom of each page. You can choose to remain anonymous or use a nickname if you prefer and do not have to divulge any personal information. We promise not to share any personal details you do provide or try to contact you directly unless requested. There is no catch, it really is that simple.

Our only aim is to bring alive the pure joy of experiencing anything from the humble but brilliant Morris Minor, engaging Morris Mini Cooper S, mighty Jensen Interceptor or sheer class of a Jaguar E-Type.

Humble but brilliant Morris Minor, classy Jaguar MKII and stealth like Stag (Picture: Alex Nichols)

You can contact us at any time using the Online Form or provide your own point of view at the bottom of each page. Also keep an eye out for competitions and other treats as we continue our quest in making Classic Cars Driven.com the number one place on the web for sharing classic car experiences.

Matt Nichols – Classic Cars Driven.com

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  1. How tall is Matt Nichols driving the Alfa Spider and what issues would a 6’2” driver have

    Considering a purchase

    Thank you

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