Morris Minor Convertible Driven

It is possible there are more switches on the steering wheel of most modern road cars than there are in this Morris Minor Convertible full stop.

Our car today is like a teenager’s bedroom immediately after a car boot sale their parents forgot to mention when they stayed away with a friend one night. Empty. So much so it feels wrong to put anything in either the driver or passenger glove boxes, in fear of making the cabin appear too cluttered.

The Morris Minor Convertible is simplicity on four wheels, something that is very appealing indeed, particularly when it drives so sweetly. Classic front engine and rear wheel drive remain a winning formula today and when combined with such tiny proportions work extremely well on this fifty something year old car. Even the modest 50bhp power output can pull a Morris Minor Convertible to 60mph quick enough not to hold up half the country in the process.

Morris Minor Convertible
Important these days to get to the Church on time, regardless of the weather

Going much faster than 60mph is not on the agenda, in a standard Morris Minor Convertible at least, nor really the point. Minors are now largely serving out their retirement as transport to and from lunchtime meets in the countryside and taking the trendy bride or groom to their big day. Still, driving one in the style to which they are now accustomed, with a degree of respect, provides a huge amount of pleasure.

Morris Minor Convertible
Modest good looks make you feel warm inside

The steering is light and in tune with the tarmac you travel on and the gearbox very easy to operate, gears being located at the far corners of the levers extensive movement. Even the brakes on this Morris Minor Convertible feel well up to the job and with plenty of room between the pedals. In fact the car is very easy to hustle along country lanes at reasonable pace. When you do the rear wheel drive setup is terrific and begs for more power to deliver what would have been, in saloon form at least, a very interesting alternative to the Mini Cooper S.

Morris Minor Convertible
Take me home now, I’m cold

The Morris Minor Convertible is so good you will wonder why you never thought of it before.

How does this car make you feel?

In one word: Purified

As a favourite meal: Cod and Chips

Anything Else: Why wasn’t there a Minor S…?

Key Ingredients: Back to basics cabin and driving experience.


With thanks to Great Escape Classic Car Hire.


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