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Big Healey 3000 MK111 Driven

Donald Healey was a racer winning the Monte Carlo Rally before the war and every car he produced there after followed the ethos of race it on Sunday to sell on Monday with arguably the most famous of them all being this the Big Healey 3000. As well as a decent competitor Donald Healey was […]

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Jaguar XK8 Convertible

Jaguar XK8 Convertible Driven

As prices for the still relatively new Jaguar XK8 Convertible begin to drop below those of the best original chrome bumper MGBs is it time to invest in one of Jaguar guru Ian Callum’s first forays into big cat design? We explore Malham Cove high up in the Yorkshire Dales driving Classic Car North’s mint […]

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Triumph TR6 PI Driven

They say you should never meet your heroes and certainly in the case of film stars who are better at delivering killer lines than holding engaging conversations that might well be the case, but in driving a Triumph TR6 PI for the first time I was left in no doubt about this car’s iconic status. […]

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Morgan 3 Wheeler (M3W) Driven

Morgan has always kept tradition high on its agenda, but in re-launching the Morgan 3 Wheeler the Malvern based niche sports car manufacturer has gone straight back to its 1910 roots. No one can dispute how Morgan cars have kept traditional techniques, involving Ash, elliptical rear springs and sliding pillar front suspension alive for over […]

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2013 Neil Garner TVR Car Club Open Day

Neil Garner once again hosted TVRCC’s (Wiltshire Region) annual event in what is rapidly becoming one of the biggest on the car club’s calendar. There were TVR’s from every era represented and all the car’s on display were to a very high standard revealing just how much their owners cherished them. The one thing that […]

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Practical Classics Magazine – April 2013

If like me you passed your driving test in the late seventies, then the cover photo on this months Practical Classics instantly transports you back to those days of late-teenage dreaming about the cars that you might just be able to afford to purchase if those spiteful insurance companies would just realise you`re far less […]

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2013 Williams Morgan Racing 4/4 Sport Challenge Car

Williams Morgan are a very well established and highly regarded main dealer based in the Bristol (UK) region and with more space available at their new southern Cotswold’s location it was time to expand and go racing with this, the Williams Morgan Racing 4/4 Sport Challenge Car. The Morgan Aero Racing Challenge is split into […]

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Flywheel Memories of the Open Road

Flywheel Memories of the Open Road By Tom Swallow and Arthur H Pill Webb & Bower ISBN 0-86350-151-6 This is an absolutely fascinating book featuring the unique ‘Muhlberg Motor Club’, about which an additional clue is in the book`s sub title – ‘Flywheel, keeps the works going round on the idle strokes’. The Muhlberg Motor […]

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Jaguar XKR Driven

Some cars propel you to sixty miles an hour like a scolded cat and then seem to run out of puff. The Jaguar XKR is not one of those, although if taken by the scruff of the neck it will leap off the line like the proverbial fast feline with hot paws. Mostly though it […]

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2012 NEC Classic Motor Show

The annual Classic Motor Show at the NEC is clearly in a lot of people’s diaries because even on the Friday, a day normally more closely associated with the trade, it was packed. The event has the advantage of being weather proof which for 2012 in the UK is a very good thing given how many […]

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CarFest (South) Review

In 2012 BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans gave up bread for Lent and to help him through this challenging time decided to launch CarFest a car, food and music festival aimed at families. An event that proved so popular in terms of ticket sales it had to be done twice, once in the south […]

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Daimler SP250 Dart Driven

It is estimated there are no more than 700 left in the UK and so quite remarkable that we got to drive Lorimer Burn’s superbly restored Daimler SP250 Dart. In the late 1950’s Daimler was in financial trouble and desperate to emulate Triumph’s and Jaguar’s success in capitalising on the American market. What evolved was […]

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