2013 Williams Morgan Racing 4/4 Sport Challenge Car

Everything fitted to the Williams Morgan Racing Challenge Car will be available to fit onto customer cars

Williams Morgan are a very well established and highly regarded main dealer based in the Bristol (UK) region and with more space available at their new southern Cotswold’s location it was time to expand and go racing with this, the Williams Morgan Racing 4/4 Sport Challenge Car.

The Morgan Aero Racing Challenge is split into different classes, based on model type and engine capacity, and Williams Morgan have elected to take on Class E, reserved for 4 cylinder cars, with their Ford Sigma 1600cc powered 4/4 Sport. Originally a 2011 customer car that had seen active highway service before being returned as a p/x, S44D MK was driven from the forecourt and straight into one of the firm’s workshops for resident race car mechanic, Lawrie Mills, to begin the transformation.

Car will have a bespoke alloy dashboard fitted
Race car will get a bespoke alloy dashboard (Note: Protective gold tape above side exit exhaust)

Class E rules within the race series centre most restrictions on modifications on wheels, tyres, suspension and brakes. Therefore the car will sit on bright red powder coated steel spoke rims and retain the standard king pin front suspension (1 degree of negative camber is allowed) and semi elliptical rear springs. The brakes are also restricted to solid discs on the front and drum brakes at the rear prompting Williams Morgan Racing to produce its own splitter with integral brake ducts to help with cooling. Class E stipulates a minimum mass of 800Kg (1,760lbs) with driver, oil and fuel on board and at present the Williams Morgan Racing 4/4 Sport is well within that, meaning Lawrie is in the enviable position to be able to strategically add ballast to balance up the four corners.

The front suspension is absolutely key to the car’s handling…

Handling is everything on any race car and Henry Williams says the front suspension is absolutely key to achieving a decent balance and avoid more typical unpredictability when turning into a corner. A challenge with the rudimentary King Pin arrangement that can mean under-steer on one lap and over-steer the next. Although Class E restrictions prevent fundamental changes to the suspension and brakes, the good news is that engines can be tuned and in the case of Ford Sigma powered cars; throttle bodies and a specially developed OMEX engine management system (EMS) as well as bespoke Williams Morgan side exit exhaust are all allowed lifting power to around 160bhp.

Bespoke splitter with brake ducts built in
Bespoke splitter comes with discrete brake ducts built in to cool the standard discs

OMEX have also included launch control in the package, just lift the clutch at 3,500rpm and go, a full throttle gear-change capability and over-fueling on overrun to ensure the engine pulls strongly out of corners. This car is certainly going to look and sound interesting with pops bangs and potentially flames out of the side exit exhaust. Inside weight loss has meant removing all of the leather trim revealing the extent Ash is used in the build of the car from the factory and Lawrie has made a purpose built alloy dashboard replacing the traditional wooden trimmed with leather item. An extra seat is installed for road use and passenger rides, but this will come out when the car is in full race trim. At the time of viewing in February, the rear cage was fitted but regulatory fire extinguisher yet to go in.

Look out for Williams Morgan Racing at the events listed below
Look out for Williams Morgan Racing in 2013 at the events listed below

The plan is to keep the car road legal to help with testing and shakedown and to also allow customers to try before they buy, as everything developed for the Williams Morgan Racing 4/4 Sport will be available to fit on road and race 4/4 cars. If you’d like to know more follow the link below or look out for the car at the following events: –

23rd March – Castle Combe Williams Automobiles and BMC Sprint

13th and 14th April – Snetterton CSCC

6th May –  Castle Combe CCRC

19th May – Donington MSCC

27th and 28th April – Brands Hatch 750MC

15th and 16th June – Silverstone GP – MGCC

29th and 30th June – Cadwell – CSCC

13th and 14th July – Rockingham 750MC

10th August – Silverstone National BDC

7th September – Oulton Park MGCC

5th and 6th October – Snetterton MGCC

How does this car make you feel?

In one word: (Circuit) Racer

As a favourite meal: Sausage and mash served with onion gravy, oh and one less sausage for me today, I’ve been on a diet.

Anything Else: Seeing the car being prepared for race and talking to Henry and Lawrie reveals both how light the aluminium bodied Morgan 4/4 Sport is, and how traditional even recent Morgan’s are in terms of their construction with Ash frames and King Pin front suspension.

Key Ingredients: Tuned engine and attention to details like the splitter, OMEX engine management system and chassis tweaks.


For more information ring Henry Williams on 01454 315112 or visit Williams Morgan Racing


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