Great Sports Classics Day 2015

Great Sports Classics Day 2015

Before this year Bristol Motor Club had enjoyed sunshine all the way at its annual event but thankfully that didn’t put off a large number of exhibitors taking to Castle Combe’s recently re-surfaced circuit for the Great Sports Classics Day 2015. (All pictures Jim Gaisford)

OK sunshine would have been nice, in fact even some more breaks in the clouds would have helped but you can’t knock the enthusiasm of both the well prepared organising team or owners at the Great Sports Classics Day 2015 when no less than 85 took part in up to three track sessions each.

A unique feature of the event, for just £14.00 you can take your car out on track for three 3 lap sessions behind a Course Safety Car (think F1 after an incident). In the dry the speeds achieved, whilst accepting the usual concertina affect (yes OK, sandbagging) could be quite reasonable, however on a day like today common sense prevailed and the pack was kept nice and tight in the morning before being given a bit more freedom PM.

Great Sports Classics Day 2015
Rare Lotus Excel making the most of the £14.00 track sessions (Picture: Jim Gaisford)

You have to admire the Great British Bulldog spirit when at 8:45am with Bristol Motor Club helpers stood out under umbrellas wearing full waterproof gear expecting no-one to show up at the Great Sports Classics Day 2015 were instead greeted by a fair number of good quality cars, including scantily clad Cobra reps. Everyone simply smiled at each other knowingly, yes we’re all quite mad aren’t we.

Great Sports Classics Day 2015
Quality of cars on the day remained high, despite the weather (Picture: Jim Gaisford)

Once out on one of the track sessions the conditions almost added to the enjoyment, I even witnessed first-hand a spinning VW Beetle on the exit of Bobbies Chicane, brought about by being a little too eager to get back on the throttle maybe. It’s amazing how easily things can get exciting in the wet isn’t it. Still no harm done and hopefully a lesson learned whilst safely out on a circuit and not country lane somewhere; bonus material.

Great Sports Classics Day 2015
Cat getting its paws wet (Picture: Jim Gaisford)

In the paddock the excellent facilities at Castle Combe Circuit were not too surprisingly very well utilised. The Tavern breakfast at £5.50 was also terrific and I have to say very welcome after the initial stint on the main gate whilst failing to avoid the large puddles forming underneath both feet.  Not that I’m complaining you understand.

Great Sports Classics Day 2015
Yes we had a go too (Picture: Jim Gaisford)

Our very own Chris ‘Scrutineering’ Dymock provided the commentary advising people when to go out on track (there were four groups) and in all the conversations he had in between times with exhibitors there was nothing but enthusiasm from everyone despite the inclement weather. This also meant that not only did a good number of people arrive; they also stayed far longer than they needed to, so as not to appear rude, and better still eagerly participated in the on-track sessions. Fair play to them all.

Great Sports Classics Day 2015
Peugeot 205 GTi in its element (Picture: Jim Gaisford)

The Bristol Motor Club Great Sports Classics Day 2015 shows what fun you can have in your car on a track in any weather conditions. The circuit’s pace setting course car drivers kept things sensible at all times, nothing went wrong, and the experienced Bristol Motor Club organising team remained up-beat all day.

Other than maybe a hot bath once back at home, what more could you wish for on a July Summers Day.


How does this event make you feel?

In one word: Lifted.

As a favourite meal: Tavern breakfast was well worth the wait first thing.

Anything else: Bristol Motor Club did well and how the event was supported, simply fantastic. Not a spectator sport this year by any means, but with horizontal rain what do you expect. Next year will be dry once again, you wait and see.

Key ingredients: Superb organisation, great enthusiasm all round, excellent circuit facilities to help keep everyone fed, watered and dry, but most importantly sensibly paced on-track sessions for just £14.00.


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