Speed Addicts Grand Prix Racing

Speed Addicts Grand Prix Racing.
By Mark Hughes
Dakini Media Ltd
ISBN 978-0-9552615-0-3

Okay, there are plenty of books available that deal with the ultimate, car related spectacle provided by Formula 1 racing, but this one stands out due to the author`s sheer depth of knowledge and passion for his subject and, once again, wonderful photographs which have been well selected to add visual impact to the stories of heroic individuals and outstanding races as the author`s natural enthusiasm ‘drives’ the reader through season after season of the greatest show on earth.

Speed Addicts Grand Prix Racing will take you on a journey from Formula 1`s ‘proper’ beginnings in the 1950`s to the publication date in 2007, and you just know that any book whose first chapter is headed by Racing legend, Jean Behra`s, famous statement, “Racing is life. Everything else is just waiting” – echoed by Steve McQueen`s character in the film ‘Le Mans’ – is going to be worth the effort. If you enjoy F1, then this book is a very worthwhile purchase.

Speed Addicts Grand Prix Racing

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