British Auto Legends

British Auto Legends.
By Michel Zumbrunn with text by Richard Heseltine
Merrell Publishers Ltd
ISBN 978-8589-4599-6

If you have any depth of interest in classic cars, you would be forgiven for leaving British Auto Legends on the shelf as you browsed as, at first glance, it resembles one of those chunky, general interest car books that normally inhabit bargain bookstores and offer nothing more substantial than a glossy cover and the sort of colour printing inside that you would expect to get from a very cheap home printer. Which, in this instance, would be a very bad mistake indeed.

As the title suggests, British Auto Legends focuses on the fabulous cars produced by various British manufacturers during the course of the twentieth century, with everything from the humble 1920`s Austin Seven, a truly significant car by any measure, to the obvious Bentleys and Rolls-Royces of the same period, HRG, Alvis and MG`s of the 1930s through to Jaguar XK120, C and D-Types, road and race Aston Martins, AC`s, Marcos, Lotuses and many, many more.

The real joy of British Auto Legends is the utterly stunning photography, predominantly by Michel Zumbrunn, with superb reproduction on very high quality paper, and the wonderful writing for the introduction and individual detail text provided by Richard Heseltine who, together, have created the sort of book you pick up time and again as you absorb ever-greater detail and nuance.

Highly recommended

British Auto Legends

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