Classic & Sports Car – May 2013

Alfa Romeo Spider weaves a delicious web from which there is no escape (Pictures: Julia Nichols)

Despite March being the coldest on record in the UK since mankind was living in caves, Spring is definitely just around the corner and Classic & Sports Car takes a detailed look at eight, very different and slightly leftfield sports cars that you could purchase now for some fun this summer and on a budget not exceeding £10k.

With the cars featured ranging from the 1970`s entry level Porsche, the highly collectable 914 (I had one of those it was great fun) and Alfa`s timeless ‘Graduate’ Spider to TVR`s Chimaera at the top of the affordable performance tree among others. There is definitely something about these ‘alternative’ choices to tickle the taste buds of all classic car enthusiasts.

We also have a very interesting comparison road test of four great sporting coupes: the Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2000 GTV, Porsche 924, Lotus Eclat and Mazda RX-7. Personally, I would have the GTV purely on looks and noise alone, but any of these cars would be a wonderful choice as a usable (and probably appreciating?) classic if you can find a good one.

Another excellent road test article puts the reader behind the wheel of the two automotive stars of probably the most famous cinematic car chase in history; the Ford Mustang 390GT and Dodge Charger 440 R/T from the film, Bullitt. Both of the featured cars are UK based, and with a look at how the original filming was done the article is a really good read. Me? The Mustang. Er, no, the Charger. Uhm…!

Where are you on Mustang versus Charger
Where are you on Mustang versus Charger

Fancy one of Ferarri`s lovely Dino 246`s? You could always disinter one from it`s backyard burial site and fully restore it to showroom condition, only in America hey. Individually featured cars include a very special and immensely rare, 1971 Fiat 130 Villa d`Este – an estate (stationwagon) version of the 3.2 V6, top of the range Fiat – one of three commissioned by Fiat boss, Gianni Agnelli, and the even rarer, (rare, as in, only one ever being made!) 1961 Bertone Aston Martin DB4 GT ‘Jet’ show car, which is expected to fetch somewhere between £2.8 – 3.8m at Bonhams` auction on May 18th.

The rather interesting cars of innovative Frenchman, Germain Lambert, also feature, together with a look at the history of Germany`s 1930`s racing hero, Bernd Rosemeyer. Whilst the in-depth buyers guide this month gives the reader everything needed to know about buying and owning MG`s illustrious T-series cars.

Some recent auction results contain a couple of apparent bargains, with a 1981 panther Lima in very good condition going for a very reasonable £2,850, and a rather rare 1948 Humber Minx Drophead Coupe knocked down for just £1,495. Another result highlights the continuing rise in stock of that controversial, stainless steel, mid-engined sports car, the Delorean DMC 12, with a low mileage, near pristine example fetching a ‘forward to the future’ £28,600.

Scrutineering by Chris Dymock

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  1. Alfa’s Spider is massively under appreciated and yet has rear wheel drive and rear suspension most retro-rally cars would be extremely envious of. TVR’s Chimaera we need to review very soon as this I think is now the most significant V8 convertible in the UK at under £10K. I’m on it…

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