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First Year Circuit Racing

First Year Circuit Racing

For us of course that meant driving a classic, our 1977 TVR 3000M, in the HSCC 70s Roadsports but the lessons we learned can be more widely applied and so whatever your interest read on to find out all about our First Year Circuit Racing (Cover Shot – Charlie Wooding) ARDS Test Before you can […]

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2015 Neil Garner Open Day

2015 Neil Garner Open Day

Each year the TVR Car Club’s Wiltshire region, under the leadership of David Border, organises a local event with a truly national draw and this year the 2015 Neil Garner Open Day was no exception as it hosted TVR Automotive Chairman Les Edgar for the day. Just south of Kemble in Gloucestershire, and after much […]

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HSCC 70s Snetterton 2015

HSCC 70s Snetterton 2015

The forecast said that a thunderstorm would pass overnight to leave an overcast but dry Norfolk for the HSCC 70s Snetterton 2015 event. That only turned out to be half true when after the lightning strikes and subsequent power failures on Friday evening, experienced in a local pub; it proceeded to persist down virtually all […]

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70s Roadsports Thruxton 2015

Wow. What a great bunch the HSCC are and terrific to finally enjoy our first outing racing with them. Welcome to 70s Roadsports Thruxton 2015. Testing on Friday was at its name suggests a challenge. The track was wet and slippery which for the fastest circuit in the UK with the fastest corner, Church; was a […]

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2014 Great Western Sprint

Williams Automobiles 2014 Great Western Sprint Driven

After all the preparations, changing the water pump, replacing hoses and quickly refilling the cooling system with tap water the night before just in case it all started leaking again we were ready to load our TVR and travel the full nine miles up the road for the first competitive event of the season, the […]

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TVR 3000M

TVR 3000M Road Legal Racer Driven

After months of searching the wait is finally over when at 2014 Race Retro Silverstone Auctions we took the plunge and became the successful bidder for what we already regard as the perfect classic competition car in the form of this TVR 3000M. Every single little grey cell in your head tells you to be very […]

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Classic & Sports Car – May 2013

Despite March being the coldest on record in the UK since mankind was living in caves, Spring is definitely just around the corner and Classic & Sports Car takes a detailed look at eight, very different and slightly leftfield sports cars that you could purchase now for some fun this summer and on a budget […]

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2013 Neil Garner TVR Car Club Open Day

Neil Garner once again hosted TVRCC’s (Wiltshire Region) annual event in what is rapidly becoming one of the biggest on the car club’s calendar. There were TVR’s from every era represented and all the car’s on display were to a very high standard revealing just how much their owners cherished them. The one thing that […]

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HMC Healey MKIV Driven

Park this HMC Healey MKIV in the centre of town and it will have most passers by fooled. Save for the GRP body, flared front arches and subtly different lines there is no disguising the distinctive MKIII looks on which the HMC Healey MKIV is modelled. The question though is how does it drive, and the answer much better […]

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Rent or Buy – Finding the Right Convertible 4U

Welcome to Classic Cars Driven – Finding the Right Classic Convertible 4U. Identical in principal to our other guide, Finding the Right Classic Car 4U , this one focuses purely on convertibles. As we review and rate more cars we will of course update it and so definitely worth bookmarking the page and referring back to periodically. […]

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TVR Tuscan Driven

If magpies really are in the habit of collecting precious metal and sparkling gems, then if they were big enough surely they would collect TVR Tuscans. Attracted initially by the pearlescent paint that changes like a chameleon in differing lights and then by the array of trinkets throughout the interior, sparkling inside the TVR Tuscan like costume jewellery. A […]

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Classics cars are cool right? We think so and have therefore produced our very own Cool-o-Meter. Top spot is now open after we added the rare Mustang GT and completely bonkers Morgan 3 Wheeler. Displaced slightly is the ice cool in blue Mustang Convertible which now sits below the silver Aston Martin (DB6) and alongside the […]

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