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Jaguar XK8 Convertible

Jaguar XK8 Convertible Driven

As prices for the still relatively new Jaguar XK8 Convertible begin to drop below those of the best original chrome bumper MGBs is it time to invest in one of Jaguar guru Ian Callum’s first forays into big cat design? We explore Malham Cove high up in the Yorkshire Dales driving Classic Car North’s mint […]

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Classic Cars Driven Series 1 DVD

The Classic Cars Driven Series 1 DVD provides unique in-car reviews of ten iconic classic cars. Each is a genuine behind the wheel experience that reveals exactly what the cars are like to drive and spend time with. All the reviews have been carefully re-edited, enhanced and where possible extended from those previously produced for […]

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BMW 8 Series Driven

Claus Luthe designed some of the most iconic BMWs of all time like the E30 and E36 3-Series as well as upgrading already established 5 and 7 Series models and so when he penned or more likely CAD’d the BMW 8 Series did he also leave behind a legend? Well despite some views to the […]

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Retro Cars

Ford Mustang GT Driven

In 1964 Ford hit the jackpot, they had learnt in the past all about producing cars in volume, the Model A for instance, and latterly about attractive design, think T-Bird. But in the April of ‘64 they combined these two things to devastating effect in the hugely successful Mustang, something that was well worth celebrating […]

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Jaguar XKR Driven

Some cars propel you to sixty miles an hour like a scolded cat and then seem to run out of puff. The Jaguar XKR is not one of those, although if taken by the scruff of the neck it will leap off the line like the proverbial fast feline with hot paws. Mostly though it […]

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2012 Castle Combe Autumn Classic

No doubt encouraged by the success of the Goodwood Revival and Silverstone Classic this year Wiltshire (UK) based circuit Castle Combe held its own Autumn Classic. A day very well attended by various car clubs and their members including locally based Bristol Motor Club. The clubs added static displays and parade laps to the more usual hotly contested live race […]

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HMC Healey MKIV Driven

Park this HMC Healey MKIV in the centre of town and it will have most passers by fooled. Save for the GRP body, flared front arches and subtly different lines there is no disguising the distinctive MKIII looks on which the HMC Healey MKIV is modelled. The question though is how does it drive, and the answer much better […]

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Rent or Buy – Finding the Right Convertible 4U

Welcome to Classic Cars Driven – Finding the Right Classic Convertible 4U. Identical in principal to our other guide, Finding the Right Classic Car 4U , this one focuses purely on convertibles. As we review and rate more cars we will of course update it and so definitely worth bookmarking the page and referring back to periodically. […]

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Daimler SP250 Dart Driven

It is estimated there are no more than 700 left in the UK and so quite remarkable that we got to drive Lorimer Burn’s superbly restored Daimler SP250 Dart. In the late 1950’s Daimler was in financial trouble and desperate to emulate Triumph’s and Jaguar’s success in capitalising on the American market. What evolved was […]

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Mustang 289 V8 Convertible Driven

Let me paint you a picture. It is a red hot day and someone fires up and offers you a drive in a stunning dark blue with contrasting cream hide 1966 Mustang 289 V8 Convertible. Now excuse me for not being totally in tune with all the local folk laws here in the UK but […]

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Goodwood Festival of Speed

Have you ever heard the expression ‘If you could bottle it, you could sell it’? Well it is possible that the Goodwood Festival of Speed has done just that. Lord March and his organising team have taken the magical and often difficult to identify ingredients of cars, bikes, riders and drivers. Laid them out on […]

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Jensen Interceptor Driven

Some cars look big on the outside, but are small inside, Jaguar XKR springs to mind. Whereas others are the polar opposite being more like Dr Who’s T.A.R.D.I.S, such as the Original Mini or Morris Minor. The Jensen Interceptor on the other hand is just plain big, inside and out. This car is enormous, when […]

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