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Morgan 3 Wheeler (M3W) Driven

Morgan has always kept tradition high on its agenda, but in re-launching the Morgan 3 Wheeler the Malvern based niche sports car manufacturer has gone straight back to its 1910 roots. No one can dispute how Morgan cars have kept traditional techniques, involving Ash, elliptical rear springs and sliding pillar front suspension alive for over […]

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Audi UR Quattro Driven

Whether you felt the full force of the original Audi UR Quattro rally car that dominated so strongly in the 80’s or enjoyed the BBC television series ‘Ashes to Ashes’ based in the same decade, you cannot help but be fired up when someone mentions the word ‘Quattro’. Audi must have realised they’d struck real […]

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CarFest (South) Review

In 2012 BBC Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans gave up bread for Lent and to help him through this challenging time decided to launch CarFest a car, food and music festival aimed at families. An event that proved so popular in terms of ticket sales it had to be done twice, once in the south […]

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Triumph TR4A Driven

Triumph’s TR range evolved very gradually from the TR2 of the early 1950’s through to the TR6 of the mid 70’s. The cars also stayed in line with more general trends of the time, including ever straightening body profiles and increasingly refined engines and suspension design. At the beginning there were less than 2.0 litres driving […]

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Morris Mini Cooper S Driven

Arguably there are roads that suit every classic car in the whole world, ones that really allow their drivers to appreciate every last handling characteristic. In our’s and this particular modified Morris Mini Cooper S’s case the road is the A686 in the North Pennines (UK). A piece of twisting black top enjoyed by 2, 3 and 4 wheels that bucks and weaves its way up to the infamous […]

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Goodwood Festival of Speed

Have you ever heard the expression ‘If you could bottle it, you could sell it’? Well it is possible that the Goodwood Festival of Speed has done just that. Lord March and his organising team have taken the magical and often difficult to identify ingredients of cars, bikes, riders and drivers. Laid them out on […]

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Satirical Comedy from ‘Tarky’ – Part 2

Tarky is in high spirits as he looks forward to meeting the splendid chaps who make up the membership of the motor club and smiles to himself as the curious pitching motion created by the crude suspension reminds him of being perched on an elephant when tiger hunting in India. Of course, he had never […]

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Satirical Comedy from ‘Tarky’ – Part 1

The fact that Tarquin Walter Algenon Tythrington is known by the sum of his initials is all you really need to know. Tarky is a satirical look at the early pioneers of motoring and the invention of Christopher Dymock, who first published his tales in Bristol Motor Club’s ‘Driving Mirror’. Look out for more on […]

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