The legend lives on

The legend lives on

Modified Mini Cooper S is a small car with attitude


  1. Very pleased to see you enjoyed the drive up Hartside in XTF470H.
    I owned the car for over 15 years and rebuilt it in the 90s, fitting the 1430 cc engine and Jack Night 5 speed box. At the time i also had a 6 speed dog box also from Jack Night and contemplated fitting it, the 5 speed worked better for road use.Front and rear torsion bar was also fitted and the nice exaust sound come from the Maniflow reverse cone system.
    Regret selling the car but am glad it still in Cumbria and being used. Hope you had as much fun in 1 day as i had in 15 years with it.

    Ian Smith

  2. Ian, A wonderful car and took me straight back to the Cooper S I had back in the 80s (yours was better). I think we all have those same regrets on letting past treasures go, but what can you do. Thanks for commenting. Matt.

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