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Saab 900 T16S Driven

In the 1970s Saab showed the world that you could have a car that was both practical and as quick as a Porsche 911 making savvy Dad’s everywhere look cool. During the 80s that trend continued with this 175bhp Saab 900 T16S, a car that demonstrated to anyone who drove one exactly how good a […]

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Renault Megane R26 Driven

Everyone has owned a car that made them think differently, possibly in breaking away from a favourite brand, a random test drive, love at first sight on a garage forecourt, or even that old adage of I went out to buy a toothbrush and came back with this, in my case a Renault Megane R26. […]

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Audi UR Quattro Driven

Whether you felt the full force of the original Audi UR Quattro rally car that dominated so strongly in the 80’s or enjoyed the BBC television series ‘Ashes to Ashes’ based in the same decade, you cannot help but be fired up when someone mentions the word ‘Quattro’. Audi must have realised they’d struck real […]

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Renault Megane 250RS Driven

Renault has really lifted its game with the Renault Megane 250RS bringing with it Audi levels of build quality combined with a chassis tuned for the track. The question for us though is will the Renault Megane 250RS be a future classic, or has Renault gone too far and omitted a key ingredient? Here at […]

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