Retro Cars

BMW Mini Cooper Driven

The team who created the modern day BMW Mini Cooper certainly exploited every possibly styling cue from the original. But did they also capture the essence of Mini [Read More]


Alfa Romeo GTV Driven

Alfa Romeos are by their very nature a true driver’s car and a must-do experience for any serious petrol head. An Alfa Romeo GTV from [Read More]


TVR Tuscan Driven

If magpies really are in the habit of collecting precious metal and sparkling gems, then if they were big enough surely they would collect TVR Tuscans. [Read More]


Porsche 911 2.0T Driven

Driving an early Porsche 911 provides an opportunity to experience Dr Ferdinand Porsche’s vision that ultimately evolved into what must be the longest model run of all time. Even a modern [Read More]


Aston Martin DB6 Driven

Sit inside this surprisingly low slung GT with your legs stretched out horizontally in front and you could be forgiven for thinking an Aston Martin [Read More]


Triumph Stag Driven

Stag by name maybe, this car is extremely tame in its nature. Despite V8 power the innovative Triumph Stag is more laid back than watching cricket on a [Read More]